What is a Dropzone?

Dropzones are geographic regions that contain sales accessed exclusively through Frenzy. In order to purchase from a Dropzone sale, you must physically be in the Dropzone.

How do I know where the Dropzone is?

Frenzy will point you in the right direction if you are within 100km (62mi) of a Dropzone. For the exact location, it's best to follow us on social media or contact the retailer directly.

What's the difference between a Dropzone and a regular sale?

In a Dropzone, you aren't competing against the world to buy your favorite products–it's just you and those around you. When the countdown reaches zero in a Dropzone sale, you'll make your purchase the exact same way that you're used to.

How do I know the sale I'm looking at is a Dropzone sale?

We add visual cues to make it clear that you are in a Dropzone sale. In most cases, you'll know for sure that you're in a Dropzone sale because you have to physically be there.

I heard about a Dropzone sale online but it isn't showing in Frenzy. Why?

You won't see the Dropzone sale in Frenzy unless you are within 100km (62mi) of it.

Who has run Dropzone sales so far, and when is the next one?

Many partnering retailers have run Dropzone sales on Frenzy to date – most recently, Anti Social Social Club in Los Angeles and Off the Hook Boutique in Montreal. You'll want to follow us on social media to find out about the next one! They can happy anywhere, at anytime.