Rather than waiting in line at a retail store, missing out online, or simply forgetting about a sale – Frenzy puts the hype of the best product releases in your hand. When you buy from a retailer on Frenzy, it’s just like buying from them in person – but you can do it anywhere in the world.

Partnering retailers will publish sales exclusively to Frenzy. When the countdown on a specific sale reaches zero, tap to enter the sale, select your product, and checkout using Apple Pay. If you're unable to see the countdown for a Dropzone, you'll need to enter the Dropzone to activate the sale card!

Yes! We partner with global brands and boutiques so you can get authentic products on release day at retail price.

Sales can happen at any time. It's best to follow your favorite brands and boutiques to get notified when they publish a sale to Frenzy.

You will receive an order confirmation email from the retailer upon a successful purchase that includes the total amount paid.

In order to process your attempted checkout as quickly as possible, we provide a shipping and tax estimate on the Apple Pay sheet. In most cases, you'll get charged a significantly lower cost than what is estimated.

Filling out your billing and shipping details at the last minute during a sale is a huge pain. By enabling Apple Pay on your device, checking out is as simple as placing your finger on Touch ID.

Apple Pay works with most major credit and debit cards from the top banks.

We're always looking to improve and expand the types of payment methods you can use, but for now you'll need to find a friend or family member with Apple Pay.

Dropzones are special areas that contain sales, accessed exclusively through Frenzy. If you have Location Services enabled on your phone, entering a Dropzone will unlock the sale. You have to remain in the Dropzone to complete your purchase