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When you sell on Frenzy, we help your business grow. We’ll help get you set up, promote your sale, and work with you to improve your customers' buying experience. We’ll test and learn together to boost engagement, keep your day-to-day operations smooth, and delight your customers with every sale.

Instantly cross-market with other top brands

When your sale is live in the app, new customers can discover your products, and loyal customers can purchase them more often. We’ve seen brands increase sales, lower marketing costs, and get international media attention due to Frenzy demand.

Handle thousands of orders per minute with ease

Frenzy is built on Shopify’s highly scalable platform so you can sleep easy knowing your customers will always have a fast, enjoyable experience. Whether it’s a big flash sale, Black Friday or just the normal high order volume of your successful store, we want your business to succeed. With Frenzy, there’s no limit to your sales volume, the number of products you can sell, or the bandwidth you need.

Never worry about speed and security again

Your customers can buy your products in seconds directly within Frenzy. Our integration with Apple Pay means no account creation or login is required to purchase. Anyone with a thumb can buy in a quicker, easier, and more secure way than ever before.

Your customers already love Frenzy

Gold Standard

Frenzy is the best idea for new releases I have ever used and I do not understand how it took so long for someone to come up with this idea. I never felt like I didn’t have a chance when using this for the Yeezy's release and because it uses Apple Pay, you can check out faster and more securely. Frenzy just set the gold standard for how releases should be and everyone else better start taking note.

by Anstahl

Caught the W thanks to Frenzy

This app is amazing. After months of trying to buy Yeezy's online, this app comes out and totally changes the playing field for sneakers. It’s incredibly fast and reliable. As soon as the sneakers went live, I easily coasted through selecting my colour and size, and checking out. I loved the integration of Apple Pay, it made it that much easier. The whole process took about 10 seconds, and I had a confirmation email within minutes. My Yeezy's are arriving today, and that definitely wouldn’t have been possible without Frenzy. I’ve already told many people about the app and to download it. They’ve finally created an equal playing field for sneaker culture.

by JonathanC1988

Great idea even greater app!

Nice clean app and super easy to use. One of the best, if not the best, experience for buying shoes I’ve had to date. Having it use Apple Pay finishes off the whole purchase seamlessly since all your credit card and shipping info is there! Great work you guys!

by Brennen Martin

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